Build support for your campaign


Anyone who visits your campaign and takes an action will become a supporter. Once you've launched your campaign and made it public, it's time to share on social networks and invite your friends and family to support it.

Spread the word

Step 1) Take an action to invite your Facebook friends and Causes supporters directly.

Step 2) Click on the action title and select, ask friends and supporters. This will allow you to invite any of your Facebook friends and supporters on Causes.

Step 3) Select which friends and supporters you wish to invite. Add a message and click, Send Invites.

Step 4) Share your posts. Click on the action and select share a reason, or go to your post page and click Share.

View your supporters and thank them

You can see a full list of your supporters by clicking Campaign Supporters on the right side of your campaign page. Click on the individuals to send them a personal message, thanking them for their support. You can also ask them to share reasons for others to support the campaign through a campaign post. Supporters who share reasons will expand your social media reach and build your campaign's momentum.

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