Personal campaigns

Personal campaigns for leaders

Want to mobilize even more support for your campaign? Inspire your members to launch personal campaigns!

By starting a personal campaign, your most passionate supporters can become great recruiters on your behalf! Personal campaigners can express their unique reason for caring about your campaign and set their own goal for the number of signatures, pledges, or funds they will commit to gathering from their network of friends, family, and coworkers.

Recruiting personal campaigners

Anyone who has taken action with you can start a personal campaign. Send an email to all of you supporters encouraging them to take the next step and launch a personal campaign.

Here’s a tip - your most dedicated supporters are also likely to be the ones leaving comments on your campaign wall. Follow up with some of these individuals directly (by clicking on their avatars and sending them a direct message through their Causes profiles) asking them to start a personal campaign.

Managing personal campaigners

Once you get some people onboard to launch personal campaigns, it’s great to foster a team identity. Holding a conference call or Google hangout with these campaigners will make them feel like they are part of the strategic planning process and strengthen their resolve to get out and go recruit their friends.

You can even consider introducing fun challenges and prizes (like offering a t-shirt or the chance to get featured on your campaign wall to the person who invites the most friends to join their personal campaign that week) for extra motivation. 

Say thank you :)

Above all, make sure that your campaigners know what a great asset they are and how much their support means to you. To communicate exclusively with these campaigners and thank them for their hard work, organizations on Causes can email those who have launched personal campaigns through the email tool.

Personal Campaigns for supporters

Creating a personal campaign allows you to go above and beyond to help a campaign you’re supporting. You’re making a commitment to help the campaign by getting a certain number of signatures, pledges, or donations. Only people who have supported a campaign by taking action will see the option to start a personal campaign.

Start a personal campaign
Once you’ve taken one of the actions and invited friends, you’ll see a prompt to start a personal campaign in the upper right corner. Click Get started.

Set your goal and, if the campaign has more than one action, choose which action you’d like to start a personal campaign for. You’ll also be asked to share your story. Your story should include:

  • Why you’re creating this personal campaign
  • Why it's important to you
  • Why your friends and family should get involved

Spread the word
Once your personal campaign is created, invite your friends and family to support it. Your supporters can track your progress and you as the creator will be able to see the people that have helped you, as well as those who haven't responded to your invitation yet. 

Don't worry, you're the only one that can see who hasn't responded. Everyone who visits your personal campaign will be able to see who has helped so they can be inspired to help you too!

Edit your personal campaign
If you want to edit your personal campaign or change the cover photo, simply click on the two buttons in the top left corner.

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