Launch your upgraded campaigns


All causes that had a pledge, petition, or fundraiser action have been upgraded to campaigns. Depending on the number of actions you had posted on your cause, you may have one or more campaigns to review and launch. 

Follow the steps below to review your new campaigns.

Access your upgraded campaigns
Step 1) Sign into

Step 2) Click 
Campaigns in the top navigation and select Show all campaigns.

Step 3) Click on a campaign to review, edit and launch. 

If your profile page says you don't manage any campaigns, you may not have been upgraded yet or your campaign is attached to an organization profile. If you managed an official nonprofit campaign, check out this article.

Launch your campaigns
Before you can launch your campaign and make it publicly accessible you'll need to edit your campaign goal, add a photo, and have at least one reason posted to support the campaign.
Edit your campaign goal
Campaign goals are structured to complete the sentence "I want to...". Your upgraded campaigns are titled with the cause or action they used to be and may not fit this structure. You can edit your title by clicking Edit campaign details.

Add a photo
Add a cover image to your campaign by clicking Add a campaign photo. This image should be larger than 1000 pixels wide. You can use Google image search to find compelling photos related to your campaign goal. We recommend not using images with words.

Add a reason to support the campaign
Encourage others to support your campaign by posting a story, article, photo, or video. Each post can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and will drive traffic to your campaign.

Launch your campaign
Once you have all of these elements on your upgraded campaign you're ready to launch it and make it public. Click the Launch button at the top of your page. Your old cause will be deleted and the links will point to the new version.

Congratulations on upgrading your campaign! If you have any questions or issues please let us know. We're happy to help.

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