Email settings


Manage email from Causes

You can update your email address or edit your Causes communication preferences in the Email section of your Account Settings.

You can also go to This will completely unsubscribe you from Causes emails)



Edit your Communication Preferences:

You can specify which types of communications you wish to receive from Causes in your email settings. Select which communications you'd like to receive. Your settings will automatically save with each selection.


Block specific communications

You can block specific types of messages by clicking one of the footer links of ANY Causes email.

Unblock campaign updates and supporter invitations

To continue receiving email updates from campaigns you've supported and blocked, click No Email to turn email on for that campaign. 


To unblock a supporter from sending you invitations, select No Email to restart accepting invitations from that friend.

To unsubscribe from ALL Causes email, scroll to the bottom of your communication preferences and s
elect the checkbox "Don't send me any messages"

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