Privacy settings


To edit your Causes privacy settings, click on the top navigation drop down and select Privacy


Who can view your profile?    

You can easily make your profile private by selecting Only I can see my profile. You can also make it so that only your Facebook friends can see it.

Facebook sharing

If your account is connected to Facebook, you can automatically share your Causes activity on your Facebook profile. To set up your Facebook Timeline application, click Show the actions I take on Facebook

Once you've allowed Facebook sharing, you can select which activities you'd like to share on your Facebook Timeline. Select those you wish to share, and then click Save.


Delete your Causes account

To delete your Causes account, which will remove your name and photo from all causes and actions, delete your profile and hide from search engines, just click on "Delete my Causes Account".

To uninstall the Causes application from Facebook, access your Facebook Account Settings and remove Causes from App Settings.

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