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Keep supporters updated on the progress of your campaign and post frequent updates. Celebrate your victories, add and encourage them to spread the word about your campaign.

Post and edit an update

You can add an update by going to your campaign page and clicking Manage.

If you're posting a general update, select New update. If you're posting an update announcing that your campaign reached its goal, select Post a win.

There's no rule book for how long an update should be, but any communication you send should be concise and have an objective. An effective update is no more than a few short paragraphs. You can attach a photo or video to your update as well, but you don't need to.

Always send your updates via email, but we recommend following the schedule below to increase open-rates and reduce the likelihood your supporters will unsubscribe. 

Once you add your update it'll live on the campaign page for others to view. If you've posted media supporters can click on the update to view the full details. 

When to add an update

Most successful campaigns follow this schedule:

  • Initial Update: Three days after you launch your campaign, send a thank you to your supporters and ask that they continue to spread the word.
  • Campaign Progress: Once a week after your first update, give a status report of your campaign's progress and include links to newsworthy articles.
  • Deadline Approaching: If you're campaign has a deadline, send an update 3 days before and everyday after, asking your supporters to continue spreading the word
  • Wrap-up: Once your campaign has ended, thank everyone who supported your campaign and let them know what everyone accomplished together. You should always describe in detail the impact your campaign had. If your campaign was a success, post an update as a win.

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