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Campaigns on Causes are started by people and organizations who want to make a difference. Our tools are free and launching a campaign on Causes is really easy! Follow the steps below to get started:

Sign In

Go to, Sign In, and click the Campaigns menu on the top navigation.



State your campaign goal

This is a statement of what you wish to accomplish with your campaign. It should complete the sentence, "I/we want to..."

Here are some examples:

Get bike lanes on Polk Street

Free Bradley Manning


Protect public school funding in the state of California


Why is your campaign important?

This is the short description that tells supporters why your campaign goal is important.



How people can help? 

Select the action that best accomplishes your goal, such as a pledge to attend a rally, a petition to a governmental body or a fundraiser for a U.S. 501(c)3 nonprofit.



This will be your first action on the campaign, but you can always add more once your campaign is created.

Once you have your action filled out click, See my campaign. You'll be taken to your campaign page to add a photo and your first post.


Add photo

We recommend uploading a photo that's at least 1000 pixels wide. Google search is a great tool to find a compelling photo for your campaign page. 

Add post 

Posts let your supporters know others should support your campaign. Add a post to your campaign to complete the steps and launch your campaign publicly. 




Launch your campaign

Once you have an action, photo, and post added to your campaign, you're ready for it to be launched and share publicly. Click Launch Campaign, at the top of the campaign page to finalize your campaign. After your campaign is launched, invite your network to support it.



Have questions? Contact our Support Team. We're happy to help!

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