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Every post and action page has a comment board for members to add comments.



Flag inappropriate content:

You can help keep Causes a safe and positive place by flagging inappropriate content. If you see a comment, photo, or video that violates our Terms of Service, let the campaign leader know and click the Flag underneath the comment. Campaign leaders can hide comments directly by clicking Hide.


Moderating comments:

As a leader of a campaign you can view all posts flagged as inappropriate. Filter your comment board posts by clicking Flagged, and clear the list by accepting or hiding each post.

Screen_Shot_2013-05-29_at_1.42.10_PM.png Screen_Shot_2013-04-03_at_12.38.28_AM.png






If someone continuously abuses Causes Terms of Service, contact our Support Team with a screenshot of the post and a link to the comment. We'll investigate further to ensure our community remains safe. 

You can find the link to the comment by clicking on the timestamp.


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