Stickers let people know what you care about and let us recommend campaigns you may be interested in.

Adding Stickers

When you sign up on for the first time, we will ask you to chose up to 10 stickers that represent the issues you care about. The stickers you select will help us recommend campaigns you may be interested in on your home feed.

You can also add stickers by logging in, going to your profile and clicking the "+" icon near the top of the page.

Once you have selected your stickers, they will be displayed on your profile.

Removing and Editing Stickers
You can remove or edit your stickers by going to your account settings and clicking Stickers. 


Scroll down the to bottom of the page to see your selected stickers. Click on any of the stickers and it will be removed from you profile. You  add up to 10 stickers to your profile here.

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  • Avatar
    Nicole Antoine

    hey all, so there are stickers for Hilary 2016 and even Chris Christie but NOTHING FOR BERNIE SANDERS. How many people are that against his campaign that he can't even be represented here on Causes!??

    COME ON, get with the program, PEOPLE WANT BERNIE!!!!!

  • Avatar
    James O'Donnell

    Come to think of it, Trump isn't anywhere to be found either. People want Trump!

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