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We have made it easier than ever to discover campaigns, organizations, and people on Causes. Your home feed is full of compelling and interesting campaigns related to the things you care about.

Campaigns are recommended to you based on the issues you add and the stickers you choose for your profile.

They are also recommended if you support someone who took action on a campaign.

Supporter Activity
You can view all your supporters' activity by clicking Supporter Activity on your home page.

Search for campaigns, issues, and people
Use keywords to easily find campaigns or people to support, or discover issues to add to your interests.

Campaigns are represented by a megaphone:

Issues are represented by a hashtag:

Profiles will include the member's profile picture next to their name in the search bar:

Discover the issues you care about
With Causes, you can discover great campaigns through the issues you're interest in. It's simple - just search for an issue, and hit I'm interested on the issue's page. you will now be kept up to date on campaigns related to that issue.

Find popular issues in the top navigation bar.

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