Petitions: Download and deliver


Congratulations on achieving your petition goal! You can now make a difference offline by delivering your online signatures to your petition target. Follow the steps below to download your signatures and learn best practices for delivering your petition.

How to download your petition signatures

Step 1) Go to your campaign and click Manage Actions

Step 2) Click Download Signatures

Step 3) You'll receive an email within 15-30 minutes with a link to download your signatures.
Note: If you've unsubscribed from Causes emails you won't receive this email. You can change your email settings at

Best practices for delivering your petition

You have reached your petition goal and downloaded your signatures, now it is time to deliver your petition to its target. Listed below are a few different methods to consider when delivering your petition, but we encourage you to be creative and do what’s appropriate for your campaign.

1. In-person Delivery

  • Set-up a meeting- Set up a private meeting or look for a public event that you can attend to contact your target.
  • Recruit supportersIf you set up an office meeting, a smaller group may be better. For a large press conference or rally, having more supporters will help create exposure. 
  • Contact local mediaOnce you have set up a time and location for delivery, contact the local media and inform them of your plan.
  • Record the event and share it as an update on your campaign

2. Email Delivery

  • Send out a complete list of the signatures- Make sure you include the letter of your petition that states your demands along with the signatures you’ve gathered.
  • Contact media- If you are emailing the petition signatures, copy specific media contacts into the cc line of the email.
  • Keep a record of exactly what you sent to your target- Print the email so that no one can claim it was not received or that portions were missing.

We’re firm believers in harnessing the enthusiasm and support of your campaign. We hope delivering these signatures help you achieve your goals!

Have a question? Contact our Community Support team or post in our community forum.

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  • Avatar
    Kelly Richardson

    Is there a fee to run or collect signatures for a petition?

  • Avatar

    Hi Kelly,

    Our tools are completely free for you to use. There is no fee to run or collect signatures for a petition. If you have specific questions about starting a petition campaign, watch our video tutorial ( to learn more.

  • Avatar
    veronica Ruvalcaba

    Hi I try to download the signatures for my cause but when I click the download bottom it doesn't appers the box for select the format..

  • Avatar
    veronica Ruvalcaba

    Hi doesn't appear the box to select the format and i recived in CVS format and I need it in PDF thanks for your help

  • Avatar

    Please, I need to download all the signatures of my request and I only download button appears in some actions not all.

  • Avatar
    Luke Ashley

    From what i can remember, both formats are downloaded. You choose which ever one you want in your e-mail.

  • Avatar
    Luke Ashley

    But after hitting download on my own cause just now. It gave me the option.

  • Avatar

    Hi everyone,

    We had a bug yesterday that disabled the "Download Signatures" button. This should now be fixed and you should have no problem downloading signatures. You can select PDF from the options. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

    Jose - I've been in conversation with you through Support. The problem is that the actions you wish to download signatures for are not petitions, these are recruit actions. Unfortunately you can only download signatures for petition actions. 

    Luke - Thank you for your proactive replies. Much appreciated!


  • Avatar
    Marcela López O

    I haven't been able to download my signatures. I have requested them several times and I've chosen PDF file and I do get the box that says that I will get them in a few minutes but it's been over two hours and I haven't gotten them, I'm getting worried! I have to print them and turn them in! HELP!!!

  • Avatar

    Hi Marcela,

    Thank you for reaching out. I'm sorry that you've been having difficultly downloading your signatures. Can you kindly file a request ticket ( and include a link to your petition so that I can investigate further. We deeply appreciate your patience.

  • Avatar
    Blake Kritzberg

    Can't download sigs, always get this error:

    Please provide your email address

    Your petition signatures are sent by emailing you a download link. 
    Please provide your email address in the Email Preferences ( page, and then try again.

    I have tried several email addresses. And "Email prefs" page does not even take me to a page where I could change my email. It seems to be a bug.

  • Avatar

    Hi Blake,

    I'm sorry for this incorrect link. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    You can change your email address at ( If you continue to have issues downloading your signatures, please contact Causes Support ( with a link to your petition and we'll send it directly to you. Thanks for your patience.

  • Avatar
    Sharon Gaffney

    When I download signatures from a petition, is it names only or email addresses as well?  Are they segmented by zip code or can they be?

  • Avatar

    Hi Sharon,

    The email addresses of your supporters will be given if they included this information when signing the petition. If not, the names and zip codes of your supporters will be shown. You can segment these supporters by zip code using a spreadsheet program such as Excel and downloading the signatures as a CSV.

    If you have any other questions, please contact our Community Support team ( We're happy to help :D

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