Support campaigns and build influence

Support campaigns

You can discover great campaigns you care about and support them by taking action. If you find a compelling campaign and wish to support it - sign the petition, take the pledge, or make a donation. Supporting the campaign will subscribe you to receive updates on its progress and will allow you to share with your network.

Invite your friends and supporters

Once you support a campaign, you'll be asked to invite your network of friends and supporters to spread the word. Be sure to personalize the message and give a reason as to why you think they will want to support the campaign. 


Your invitation will arrive in their email and Causes inbox.


Grow your supporter network and build influence

You'll be asked to support the leaders of the campaigns you support. This will allow you to stay up
to date on the latest updates to the campaign and be involved. Those you support are more likely to support you back and build your supporter network.

Next step: Share the campaign and add a reason to support
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    Brittany Douglas

    I have tried several times to create a cause but I keep getting denied on the number of signatures... I want it to be about 20,000 signatures, and I have entered numbers from 100 to the 2 billion max amount and I keep getting denied?? Please, I have put a lot of effort into what I wrote, supporting an illness to raise awareness for it. Please help me create this "Cause" through your website. Everything else gets accepted except for the "number of signatures" section.

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