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  • Avatar
    TN Marriage Equality

    how do I change my name? is showing up as "no name"

  • Avatar
    Lee Gainer

    How do I update my last name?

  • Avatar
    Hamza Nasir

    Hamza nas hamxasco

  • Avatar
    Linda Miano

    Need to update my last name and profile pi from fb

  • Avatar

    Where is the create a Birthday Wish Campaign option?? I have created one each year at this time and it was the most successful way I could fundraise for my favorite organizations! Also I would like the past Birthday Wish campaigns visible on my donation or causes history. please respond here or through email or message. thank you.

  • Avatar
    Misha Veloz

    How do I update/change my last name?

  • Avatar
    Jean J. Lonsberry

    I am trying to edit my last name,but it isnt giving me an option to do so.
    How do i go about doing this?

  • Avatar
    Sarah Pesto

    Someone changed my name to Sally Grey and I can't change it back to Sarah Pesto.

  • Avatar
    Norm Hamilton

    I have moved to Duncan BC, Canada I cannot change my postal code to V9L6C9. Your system keeps saying to use the correct format.

  • Avatar
    Carmen LoneWolf

    The same as the above question but I am in the uk.
    It knows I am and have always been in the uk, I need to change my post code and it says I'm putting in the wrong format though its askingfor a zip code anyway,eiither way is not aying what the correct format is?

  • Avatar
    Rico John

    Hod do I add a picture

  • Avatar
    Lajeanne Leveton

    I have signed at least one petition here previously, though I don't belong to it is not letting me sign the petition for HOTSTUFF The dog, whose one good eye was mistakenly removed by a veterinarian.

  • Avatar
    SB Greene

    I, too, have removed my presence from FaceBook, have repeatedly attempted to sign in with my e-Mail, which continues to revert back to the Sign In with FaceBook. I am attempting to make a pledge...

  • Avatar
    Melora Brooks Jackson

    How do I unsubscribe from a campaign?

  • Avatar
    Palma Menno Rice

    Why is my request not showing? Palma Menno-Rice.

  • Avatar
    Donna DiMare Crossposter

    My name is wrong, how do I change it?

  • Avatar
    Yume Mignonette

    As many have commented before, I was not able to find how to correct my name. Even signing in with Facebook (with my name on the profile) was enough to update the information. I cannot sign any petitions without solving this issue. I would appreciate a quick response. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Elaine Bass

    How can I change my last name in my account, please? I see no method provided, to enable me to do that!

  • Avatar
    Telizmary Roussel

    how do I update the twitter account

  • Avatar
    Cynthia Salazar

    How do I change my last name???

  • Avatar
    Jenn Krentler

    I HATE seeing my former name on here...please give the option to change my last name on my profile! Otherwise, no use for helping on this site.

  • Avatar
    Clara Quinn

    I've changed my first name and I can't seem to change it here.

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