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Have you realized the change you’ve been campaigning for? Even if you haven’t reached your goals for each action, now’s the time to declare victory! Tell your supporters how victory was achieved, highlighting who was instrumental, key milestones, and where to get more information about this victory. 

Why declare victory?

Declaring victory tells supporters that their help is valued and effective. By closing this campaign, your supporters will automatically be directed to support other campaigns you’re actively running, giving you momentum as you move from one campaign victory to another. 

Several things will happen when you declare victory and you cannot undo them:

  • An email declaring victory will be sent to all of your supporters. Be sure to click the preview link above to see what that email will look like.
  • All of your actions (i.e. pledges, fundraisers, petitions) for this campaign will be automatically expired, meaning people will no longer be able to take action on this campaign.
  • Your campaign will be clearly marked as a “victory” and will highlight the number of actions taken.
  • The victory update you write above will show up on your campaign page for every visitor to see. 
  • Visitors will be directed to visit your next campaign.
Create a victory update

To declare a victory on your campaign, go to your campaign page and click Declare campaign victory.

Victory updates can also be sent out to as an email to your members, before you click Declare Victory, select the box at the bottom to email the update out to members.

Once you've declared victory, let our team know! We'd love to hear about it.

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    Свобода всеки

    Quote: "Even if you haven’t reached your goals for each action, now’s the time to declare victory!" This article should be entitled "how to put a spin on our online petitions." In the real world "victory" stands for something, and for sure at least for achieving one's goal. I suggest a more careful approach to honoring the participation of your supporters. Being trustworthy is much more important that being "victorious."

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    Irawan E. Prasetyo 'Totem'


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