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  • Avatar
    Christine Denalsky

    You are harassing me by assuming that I want AT&T to say what they think of politics. They are a company selling services not a church, not a priest or prophet, not a teacher, not a wise sage, not a judge or anything else that may offer advice or any sort of knowledge or even opinion. As far as I'm concerned a company or corporation should hold no opinion as to politics or those involved in it. They should instead be concerned with fair and honest dealings in All things with ALL People they affect.

    I'm not into the ideas of Trump either, but to automatically say he's about hate means you're not listening nor thinking and questioning and very afraid. Fear lacks wisdom. Fear makes one blind and deaf and stupid. It often creates the very madness we're experiencing in this country right now, which is obviously just at it's beginning. But we can choose another and better way. People can come together and decide that we all need to find some common ground and to do that would mean putting our fears and little opinions aside. Yet finding that ground of balance would help to create a real beginning of understanding and hope and willingness for positive and lasting change.

  • Avatar
    Nancy Bernard

    I have two far left liberals who couldn't get my goat on a Cause they disagreed with and now they are harassing me. I don't want them on my message page. I never had a problem before, but they will not leave me alone and their language is vile and vulgar! Because I supported Trump!

  • Avatar
    Paula Watts

    I'm happy to support causes but I'm not at all happy about anyone particularly a company or organization such as this, that refers to the President of the USA by their last name. Such as Obama or more recently Trump. It is socially irresponsible to show such disrespect to anyone that way. Let alone the President of our nation.

  • Avatar
    Audrey Hill

    I dont appreciate bring asked to sign petitions that are obviously from the Democratic party. Please stop these petitons that do not have a name on

  • Avatar
    Susan Timewell-Jeffs

    There is a campaign against WWF for torture of people. The campaign leader is not identified. These are serious allegations to be making without an accuser and more information. It should be removed.

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